Happy Australia Day to our Sailability crew, who used to advantage this glorious morning and showed off our skills to the crowds of people crowding the beaches, enjoying the scenery, and appreciating the perfect day.

Support Boat crews were Pam and Bruce in Carlisle, the race boat, and Ragnhild, Kieran and Jim in the support Boat, Charlie’s Chariot.

Race crews were:

Skippers; John, Jeremy, Jackie, David, Helene, Denis, Michael.

Crews: Ken, Ben, Caroline, Eli, Libby, Ivan, Nola.

Other helpers on deck and the barbecue were: Helen and Betty.

Pam and Bruce set up the course, kept time and started and finished the races.

Kieran, Ragnhild, Jim supported the boats on their way around the course, pulled up any misdemeanours, and took a beautiful series of pictures of the very close racing.

Helen and Betty set up the barbecue and cooked a lovely lunch for us to be ready on our return.

After 3 races, final results were:

1st place: Ben and Jeremy. (Eli D)

2nd place: John and Ken.     (Black Swan)

3rd place: Denis and Ivan.   (Woody)

4th place: Jackie and Caroline. (Dolly Wallis)

5th place: David and Eli.      (Vin)

6th place: Michael and Nola. (Alex)

Wooden spooners: Helene and Libby. (Ralph Newman)