Where has 2021 gone? Not quite, but almost the end of the year that has disappeared into Covid 19 and left us ready for 2022.

This morning the keen Wednesday helpers arrived to start what would become a lovely morning.

Sailing Coordinator, Ken, fresh from a month of helping with HSC examination supervising on the other side of Sydney.

Pontoon Manager, John W,

Support Boat Driver, Warwick,

Sailors, Rob, Jeremy, Malcolm, Michael, John B, Jim first of all with a short training session for Michael, Eileen, Ivan, and at last with our participants for today.

Radio Operator, Corey,

Life-Jackets, Wilma,

Photographer, Eli.

Participants this morning were: Jasper, Gwyneth, Dylan, Maia, Alex, Laragh.

Then Dennis arrived with wife, Pam, and daughter, Georgia, then Ben and Hanlin.

A lovely group for a smooth day.

  • Eileen and Michael in Paul Newman
  • Rob and Jasper in ELI D
  • Jeremy and Dylan in Dolly Wallis
  • Michael and Gwyneth in Rlaph Newman
  • Alexander and Jim in Alex
  • Ben in Dolly Wallis
  • Dennis and Rob in Eli D
  • Pam and John W
  • Georgia and Betty in CC
  • Hanlin and John in Black Swan