This morning we decided to go ahead with sailing in the hope that the forecast would be wrong…or at least not as severe as the 30knot south westerly breeze that was predicted.

Denis, John and Michael are experienced strong wind sailors, so they took the boats with learners Rex, Ken and Nola aboard.

It was a good learning experience, but unfortunately, by the time our first participants arrived, the wind was far too strong for their comfort.

So we put the sailing craft away, and took people for a ride in Charlie’s Chariot. Kieran, Meaghan and Kerry had a nice time on the water, and it ended up being a very shortened sailing day.

Helpers today were :

Denis, Helen, John, Ken, Warwick, Nola, Michael, Rex, Wilma, Caroline and Vince.

  • Rex and Denis in Woody, note splashes from the strong wind, and Rex is still smiling.
  • Michael and Nola in Black Swan.
  • Meaghan in Charlie’s Chariot.
  • Lisa, Kerri, Eli in Charlie’s Chariot.