What a lovely day we had to welcome back our Fisher Rd School people.
The sun was shining (sometimes) but it was not too hot, as there were clouds, and a southerly breeze about.
Our fantastic Sailing Team for the day consisted of:
Michael B; inestimable Sailing Coordinator.
Malcolm; continuously busy on the pontoon.
Helen the Registrar.
Corey the Radio Operator.
Wilma on Life-Jackets.
Michael S; busy on both pontoon and deck, wherever he was needed.
Charlie’s Chariot Driver; Warwick.
Sailors; Denis, Jeremy, John W, John B and John P., Brian.
Photographer; Eileen.
Our lovely participants this morning were a new young sailor, Mark, who absolutely loved every moment in the boat, until he disembarked and experienced ‘sea-legs’ for short while.
Virginia and 2 Sues arrived with their cohort; Laragh, Jasper, Maia, Gwyneth, Dylan and Alexsandra. These students in the Senior class thoroughly enjoyed their sail, with Maia taking out the “Miracle of the Day Award.; The head popped up just as she was approaching the pontoon so that all could see the lovely smile, which makes it all worthwhile. Alexsandra got a little wet as she constantly paddled her arms in the water while sailing along, a lovely sensation.
Ben and Dennis T arrived for their sail, and were beautifully patient while Hanlin ran down to the pontoon after donning his life-jacket. He needed to be on the next to go. Next were Ben and Dennis, and then Zoe arrived for her ride with Malcolm, completely getting rid of the sombre look on her face while she transformed herself into one huge smile.
Last of all, Ben and his parents had a short ride on Charlie’s Chariot, while all the boats were called back for de-rigging.

  • Mark and Denis in Woody
  • Jasper and John P in Eli D getting ready to sail
  • Gwynneth and Jeremy in Ralph Newman
  • Hanlin in Alex
  • Zoe in Dolly Wallis