Grill’d Healthy Burgers at Balgowlah invited us to a special dinner to reward us for being a Community Charity in their area, and to present us with a cheque which we won as the most deserving charity in the district, voted by some of their customers.
8 of us had a delicious meal, served up by their eager staff, and then held our meeting to elect our committee for the coming 12 months.
Here is the current committee:
President: Warwick MacKenzie
Minutes Secretary: Eli Demeny
Treasurer: Sue Marshall
Membership Secretary: Helen Hendry
Volunteer Coordinator: Eli Demeny
Roster Manager: Warwick McKenzie
MYC Board Member: Peter Ward
Maintenance Manager: David Webb.
Race Organiser: Ken Boyes.
Wayne Black Trophy Administrator: Denis Linney
Webmaster: Alan Bimson at this stage, more enquiries made to proceed with changes to this position.
Systems Coordinator: Ken Boyes
Signals Editor: Candice Novello
Social Secretary: Ragnhild Purcell
Extras on the Committee: John Weaver, Caroline Holdstock.

  • Half the team at Grill’d Healthy Burgers, and the cheque.