Our very shortened team this morning worked harder than any other team I can remember for many years and I and everyone who came for a sail really appreciate the hard work that went into making the day a successful one.

First of all, the weather did not shape up too well: after 4 sublime days, it was a little cloudy and very blustery.

Some of our regular volunteers were off doing other vital duties, like Marine Rescue and Surf Patrol.

Sailing Coordinator: Jackie

Registrar: Wilma

Radio Operator: Ken

Support Boat Driver: Vince.   Observer: Jeremy.

Photographer: Jeremy.

Life-jackets, pontoon assistant: Nola

Pontoon Manager: Jim.

Sailors: Denis, Jim, Michael, Helene, Jackie, David G.

Our lovely participants who came today were private: Andy and Bradley.

Housing Connection with Kundel and Marcia: Daniel, Jacki, Duncan.

Michael and Helen from Washington House.

Then last of all, our beautiful people from Sahara Services, who had a long drive and a problem with parking.

Helpers: Rachel, Asia, Ruby and Nathan.  Mathew, Janette, Leonie, Bennie, Emma, Christian, Liam. Some of these did not sail, but all enjoyed the watching from the pontoon, and the rapidly improving sunshine.

  • Helen Registrar.
  • Jim Long time helper, volunteer, sailor, Support Boat driver.
  • Jackie and Nikki (new helper).
  • Ben, enjoying Charlie’s Chariot.
  • Matthew in Dolly Wallis.
  • Emma with David G in Dolly Wallis.