What a fabulous sailing morning we had at Manly this morning. The sky was blue, and the wind perfect at the beginning and end of the morning. Unfortunately, we had a few moments when the wind dropped completely, and it was just a matter of patience and paddling to get any movement out of the boats.

Jim was the excellent Sailing Coordinator this morning, and he did look very smart in his Yellow Hi-Vis uniform.

Warwick took Charlie’s Chariot with photographer, Candice, and various observers including Ted during the morning.

Sailors Rob, Brian, Denis, John W, John P and John B, Ragnhild, Michael took out the participants who came for a sail. Corey managed the radio, Sandra the life-jackets, Helen the registrations and Covid Safety. Caroline managed the time-tabling, Malcolm the pontoon, so that it was a very well-run morning of team-work.

The two Michaels helped out also on the pontoon and up on deck.

Our first group down were 4 Royal Far West students, and a parent. They all enjoyed their sail, especially Isabella, who loved her trying out of everything the boat could do in the brisk breeze while she was out there with Ragnhild. The other children were Zeph, Samira, Gary and Gabrielle.

Jack came with Keira, Peter came with Marnie and had a wonderful time sailing.

Kane and Vanessa arrived with Glen, and Tamara, Sue and Peter with Adrienne. Ben came down with Mum and Dad and jumped straight into a boat with his sailor. Dennis arrived with Pam and Georgie. This morning, Dennis amazed all of us with his sailing skills, which are coming back to him now. He took the helm for most of the session, and is showing great promise for future regattas. Zoe and Hanlin arrived next with their helpers and had a most enjoyable time on the boats, now that we have their time-table straightened out.

A quick put away at the end finished off a great day out sailing.

  • Corey readying the radio
  • Rigging the boats
  • All ready to sail
  • Gabrielle and Dad
  • Zeph and Brian in Eli D
  • John B and Peter in Vin
  • Lifting Dennis out of Vin