This morning we were ready for a full Regatta with all boats taken, and a full crew, when messages arrived from 2 of our skippers that they were not available to sail in the Regatta. Therefore, we went ahead with just 5 boats. Michael and Denis arrived early to start the putting out and rigging, swiftly followed by the rest of the set up crew for this morning. We used our full complement of helpers on Charlie’s Chariot, and Carlysle, the start boat. Marie, Eileen, Elaine, and Val arrived a little later to help with the catering.

Racers were:

Denis and Ivan in Woody, Michael and Ros in Alex, Jackie and Caroline in Black Swan, Helene and Fiona in Vin, David and Candice in Dolly Wallis.

Charlie’s Chariot Crew was: Skipper Vince, helpers Michael, John, Meriana, David, Photographer, Sandra.

Carlysle crew, Race Officer, Pam; General help, Rex, flags, Eli.

In the perfect westerly breeze, the course was quickly set up, and the Racing Commenced just a few moments after the official start time. With this efficiency, we were able to run 3 races, and the final results were a very hard fought victory to Denis and Ivan in Woody. 2nd places were impossible to split between Michael and Ros in Alex and Jackie and Caroline in Black Swan. Helene and Fiona came in 4th, and David and Candice, 5th place.

In the meantime, the on shore crew were busy cleaning up the barbecue before we could use it, Ken on the radio with his leg injury really troubling him, and others watching the racing.

By the time we arrived back to shore, the lunch was cooked, the tents were up, the tables pushed together, and prizes ready to be distributed. All agreed that it was an excellent finish to a messy season, and that we are all ready to move on the next season, which commences on Wednesday.

  • Rex, crew on Carlysle
  • Race 2 start line
  • Michael and Ros in Alex
  • Jackie and Caroline in full concentration
  • Ivan and Denis intent on the finish line
  • Helene and Fiona catching the breeze in Vin