This morning we put out 7 boats because we were expecting 22 volunteers to arrive, and 2 groups of participants.

Both of these things happened, but what we did not expect was the beautiful weather we experienced, in spite of a rotten forecast, bringing a few extras down to Sailing.

John P was making a huge effort this morning, because, as Sailing Coordinator, he wanted everything to run smoothly, and it did.

Brian was Pontoon Manager, and kept very busy with the large number of people who needed to be lifted on the hoist.

Sailors were Warwick, Denis L, Steve, Jim, Michael, Malcolm, Jennie.

On Charlie’s Chariot, we had John W, and later on, Jennie, as well as a few observers watching their family member sailors.

Radio Officer was Corey, until Ken took over this role, Helen was the registrar, Wilma dealt with life-jackets and harnesses, Sandra went over to East Esplanade Park to help with the new Northern Beaches Council Parking arrangements. Caroline was an invaluable helper swapping between the pontoon and the deck.

Michael was the new volunteer in training this morning, and he was a wonderful help, diving into wherever he was needed, hoisting, catching and retrieving boats, always showing respect for our participants, and using a great deal of initiative. What a bonus he is going to be!!!

Candice was the photographer, and Ros was also a great help on the pontoon..

Our participants today were greatly enthused by the new parking arrangements set up by Northern Beaches Council. It is wonderful to have a set Parking Spot, so that the groups do not have to run around Manly looking for a parking space large enough for the mini-buses that bring the participants, and we really appreciate this facility.

Rosemarie and Victoria from RFW brought Xzavier, Makayla and Joshua who loved their sailing session.

Michala and several other teachers and helpers brought Jonah, (first into a boat), Sarah, Michael, William, Emma, Mikey, Jatin. This group had their morning tea while they waited their turn.

Peter and Betty brought Ben down for his fortnightly dose of sailing.

Jean brought Peter, who accepted the ease of a hoist lift into and out of the boat after we noticed on Saturday that it is becoming very difficult for him to embark and disembark.

Rodney, Ben, David, Alex, Vanessa and Kane came down with Glen from Sunnyfield, then Jack arrived with Keira, and spent the rest of the morning with us, choosing to sail, then ride.

This morning we welcomed for the first time a different Dennis, who had been a great sailor before his major stroke that has left him nurturing all of his newly developed abilities to use them for his old skills. He loved his experience today, while his family and physiotherapist watched on proudly, and then joined as a new member.

With lots of volunteers, and John P directing operations, we quickly put everything away after everyone had had their turn.

  • Jim and Will in Dolly Wallis
  • Denis and Joshua in Woody
  • Ben In Charlies Chariot
  • Rob and Xzavier in Eli D
  • Mal and Mike in Alex
  • 2 Michaels in Black Swan
  • Denis and Brian in Ralph Newman
  • Support Boat Crew