This morning was doubly miraculous because the terribly cold Winter weather we had been experiencing for the 3 days before miraculously disappeared and we were back in our last Autumn Day for this year….warm, calm, sun shining, sky blue, and lots of happy people came down to Manly for a sail.

Our helpers were fantastic!! Thanks so much to:

Sailing Coordinator Team, Warwick and John.
Registrar, Helen.
Support Boat Driver, Brian.
Photographer, Meredyth.
Radio, Corey.
Pontoon manager, Malcolm, than Jackie.

Sailors, Peter, Denis, Jim, John B and John P, Michael, Malcolm, Warwick.

Life-jackets and pontoon help, Nola.

Because of this excellent team, we were able to take:

Trevor, and Bradley, our two individual sailors for a sail.

Then SEALS..with helper Simone: Thomas (with Dad, Andy as skipper,) Jake, Doug, Bart, Jo, Nicola. Bart gave everyone a lovely surprise with his huge smile by taking over the helm and showing his sailor, John that he really can sail.

Sargood’s Jake arrived with Rollo.

Then Sunnyfield brought Ben, Rosa, with a sunny smile, Luke, Rodney.

Wayne arrived with his contingent from Aruma, James, Kyle, Eddie and Paul.

Then BIRDS flew up, with Amanda in charge. It was great to see Carlo, Melinda, Alan, James, Danielle, Stuart, Peter and Brad. Melinda and Alan chose not to sail this time, as they wanted to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

  • Brian and the hoist trolley
  • Doug and John P in Dolly Wallis
  • Jake and Peter in Black Swan
  • Jim and Trevor in Vin
  • Rigging
  • Rosie with the mona Lisa smile in Alex