A great team of volunteers this morning made this morning a winning day. In spite of a forecast for high South Easterly winds, we went ahead with sailing because it was blowing at far less than the forecast level, and the rain seemed to be holding off.
David W was in charge of the day, with John W on Charlie’s Chariot, Jennie as observer and photographer, Helen the Registrar, Wilma on Life-jackets and harnesses. We brought out and rigged 5 boats for sailors: John P, Jim, Denis, Michael, Brian and Steve. Eli was Pontoon Manager, with help from Caroline and Eileen, and Ken was on radio. A great team for a busy day.
First to arrive was Trevor, who took off with Jim as soon as all was ready. Both came back with the hugest of smiles, it was obviously up to their expectations out there. Jack arrived with Keira, first of all to have a sail, then a ride in Charlie’s Chariot. Slowly, in dribs and drabs, our Pioneer Clubhouse group arrived with helper, Megan. Vanessa, Andrew and Elizabeth went for a sail, Travis elected to ride on Charlie’s Chariot, as it would have been hard to squeeze all 6ft 5 of him into a Hansa 303.
Sunnyfield arrived a little later, and another Vanessa, David, Kane, went for a sail, with Tamara and Sue taking advantage of Charlie’s Chariot.
Royal Far West brought their kids down, Jesse, Sarah and Robert after their visit to the eye specialist, all wearing dark glasses for the sail, because of the drops they had had in their eyes.
Last to arrive this morning were Zoe and Hanlin, and both of these enjoyed their sailing while the rest of the boats were cleaned and stored away.
A huge thanks also today for our group helpers: Megan from Pioneer Clubhouse; Barbara, Tomoko and Glen from Sunnyfield, Craig and Jenny from Royal Far West, and Chris with Hanlin. Two great teams working together.

  • Michael and Jack in Ralph Newman,
  • Jim and Trevor in Black Swan,
  • Ben and Denis in Woody,
  • Tamara and Susan in Charlies Chariot,
  • Vanessa and John in Dolly Wallis,
  • Lisa and Jim in Black Swan,
  • Hanlin and Michael in Eli D