A great day for a sail, but unfortunately we did not have our full complement of Volunteers, nor all of the people who had booked themselves in for a sail. In lots of ways, this made it a most enjoyable day, as everyone had as much sailing as could fit into 3 hours.
The water temperature was comfortable, with a slight breeze making the day cool, and enough to make for a quick trip across and around the bay.
Helpers for the day were Helen, the registrar and Covid monitor, Wilma on life-jackets and harnesses, keeping things germ free, Jim and Ken on Charlie’s Chariot. Nikki was our Pontoon manager, Ros on the radio, Eileen everywhere she could make herself useful. Sailors Ben, Ivan, Denis, David G, Michael, and later, Helene spent many hours darting around the bay carrying our participants for as long as they wanted to stay out there.
Kieran arrived for the first sail and was taken out by Ben, then James W, and James K hopped into their boats, followed by Jordan and Tarek. Meaghan preferred a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, then Matthew (W) went out for his sail, followed by Kerrie and Anna. In the meantime, Ken was taking some beautiful photos from Charlie’s Chariot, capturing the beauty of the day .Later, another Matthew (E), arrived and was swiftly taken to his boat that was waiting at the pontoon. James W was very proud of himself when he took the joy-stick and sailed himself home, so pleased in fact, that he turned around and went for another sail.
Eli had a go at starting and cleaning the barbecue, so that it will be ready for Eileen, our new Chef, to use when we return to general sailing on Saturday, 10th April. Thanks so much for this offer, Eileen, we will try to take you for a sail as well each time.

  • Meaghan in Charlie’s Chariot
  • Ben and Kerri in Vin
  • James W and David G in Ralph Newman. Notice James hand on the joy-stick
  • Matt and Michael in Black Swan