Our helpers arrived bright and early this morning, looking forward to a perfect morning on the water. Wilma was the Life-jacket lady, working really hard to make the day a success. Helen was the Registrar, Denis the Boat Operations manager, with some words of advice to the riggers, Corey on the radio, Warwick the Power Boat Driver, Eileen the photographer, John W helping with the radios, David busy fixing the tender, Eli on the Pontoon with helpers John P and Ragnhild. Jim, Brian, Michael, Ted, Jennie, Ivan, John B. Rob were the sailors, and our participant sailors came from a variety of regions.
Peter and Ben went for the early sail, then Janice and Brooklen came from Nowra, via Royal Far West, with helpers Craig and Jenny.
Vicki and Jennifer from Sunnyfield brought her charges: David, Sophie, Tamara, Peter, Sue, Kane, Vanessa, Arryn.
Ashief brought Hanlin, who jumped into the closest boat before we even had it tied up securely, then Zoe came from Hornsby with her carer, Sally. She enjoyed her sail immensely, with Jim, who wanted to shoot Charlie’s Chriot out of the water with a water pistol.
It didn’t take long for the boats to be dismantled and put away at the end of the morning.

  • Janice and Rob in Alex
  • Jennie and Brooklen in Black Swan
  • Peter opted for a ride in Charlie’s Chariot
  • David enjoyed splash in in Ralph Newman with Brian
  • Zoe and Jim, the pirates in Vin