The strategic fact this morning was the amount of work our team of 14 volunteers put in to make today the roaring success that it was, supported, of course by the carers and parents of the groups that arrived for sailing.

Warwick, Brian and Eli arrived early to put out the boats so that the racks were open for a small repair that needed to be carried out. It did not take long with Brian’s super drill, Warwick’s sweat and Eli’s gymnastic ability, and by the time the repair was completed there was a team already rigging the boats, so that by 9.00 a.m. we had all seven boats completely ready to hit the water.

Helen was set up as the Registrar, Denis the boat operations manager, Malcolm on the Pontoon supported by a hand-held radio in contact with the deck, John W the Sailing Coordinator, sailors; Caroline, Jim, Michael, Jackie, Denis, Brian, John P., Nola helping everywhere, Corey on the radio, Warwick the first Power Boat Driver to be taken over later by John W., Eileen the perfect photographer.

It seemed to be the very next minute that 2 groups arrived simultaneously, Warren, from House With No Steps with James, Kyle and Eddie, and Collin as the Coffee Company; and Catholic Care with Simone as Carer, with Thomas, his Dad and sailing partner Andrew, then Bart, Doug, Sean, Gordon.

These were followed by Barb from Sunnyfield, with Melissa, Krissy, Rodney, Ben, Luke.

Limor followed with her daughter, Adar, then last group for the day; BIRDS, with carer Gaynor, Danielle, Alan, Carlo, Brad, Stuart, James, Peter, Steve. Not all of these sailed, but all had a fabulous time socialising and being together in the very strong sunshine, and pleasant southerly breeze.

Our small team of 14 gave an immense amount of fun and pleasure to at least 30 people this morning, shown by the smiles and high-fives from the boats as they sailed.

  • Krissy and Jim in Black Swan
  • Michael and Rodney in Eli D
  • Melissa and Brian in Dolly Wallis
  • Andrew and Thomas in Vin
  • Warwick and Caroline in Charlie’s Chariot
  • Malcolm and Limor in Black Swan