An excited group of ladies arrived at Manly Yacht Club early in the morning of 24th October, 2020. Excited because finally the MYC Women’s Challenge was here. Finally, because after months of coping with Covi-19 Challenges, the highly anticipated Regatta was going to take place. The weather forecast was not the best, and some ladies had pulled out earlier in the week because of this, but we managed to get 6 crews prepared to take the risk of high winds in favour of the excitement of their very own regatta.

Jennie did not know whom she was to expect as crew until just about the last moment.IN the end, it was Carol who was going to be able to sail with her. They were in Woody.

Sarah and Margaret were in Ralph Newman, Ragnhild and Janette in Alex, Catherine and niece, Savannah in Black Swan, Nicole and Jeannie in Vin, Lyn and Heather in Eli D.

Our wonderful Race Officer of the day was Steve, accompanied by the lovely Pam, and on Charlie’s Chariot, the Support Crew was Skipper, Kerrie, with John W and Devin as the muscle for placing the buoys, and Margaret the photographer. John S also went along to make sure everything was proper.

Our land crew to make everything run smoothly compiled Ken on radio, Denis, on rigging and de-rigging later, Helen looking after Covid-19 essentials, and Michael of the height and muscles to do the higher, heavier lifting.

While this was going on, the wonderful organisational skills of Bruce saw several other groups rigging and setting up boats for other activities that were going on at MYC at the same time.

Out on the water, meanwhile, the race crew were setting up for the race, at the same time keeping a weather eye out. A triangle with loop course was set up, and the race start commenced at 10.20. Black Swan just galloped away at the start, and never looked back. Alex came in second a couple of minutes later, then Ralph Newman, Eli D, Vin and Woody in fairly quick succession.

The second race started at 11.10, and the results were totally different: This time Black Swan came in first, Eli D close behind, followed by Alex by a whisker, then just a second later, Ralph Newman. Vin came in a short time later, and then Woody.

In the first race, the difference in time between 1st and 6th was just over 7 minutes.

In the second race…a great improvement for all boats, the difference between 1st and 6th was only 4 minutes, keeping our Race Officers busy.

At the end of the racing, our tired and very happy crews pulled out the boats, de-rigged and sanitised, and placed all the gear back in the boat room.

Ecstatic place-getting crews were:

First, Catherine and Savannah in Black Swan.

Second, Ragnhild and Janette in Alex.

Third, Lyn and Heather in Eli D.

The others won in enthusiasm and learning and all had a great morning on the water.

  • 1st Place, Catherine and Savannah
  • 2nd place, Ragnhild and Jannette
  • 3rd place, Nicole and Heather