A special morning was planned today, as this was the day that Manly’s Sea Bin was finally going to be switched on. After many months of planning, installing Solar Panels on the roof of MYC, organising the installation of the Sea-bin, inviting people to the opening, and finally all is ready.

It was a regular sailing day for Sailability so we decided that this was special enough for us to continue our Sailing Day, as usual in these Covid-19 times, with our one-up training for our volunteers, but break in the middle to watch the Sea-Bin being installed, and switched on by a very switched on politician, Zali Steggall.

Our team consisted of Brian, Ken, Denis, Heather, John W, Eli, John P., Jim, Corey, Ivan, Peter, Ted, Michael, Helen, Kel and Jennie. 5 boats were rigged and sent out with strict instructions to approach the pontoon at 10.30, when the switching on ceremony was to take place.

All worked perfectly, Kel had a perfect solo practise, Heather was tailed by Peter giving her sailing advice in the perfect southerly breeze, Ken was handling the camera, Denis gave a great hand with rigging information, John, then Jim drove Charlie’s Chariot, Ivan needed to be taken home because the excitement became too much for him to handle. Thanks, Jennie for the lift, Corey handled the radio, Helen the registration and Covid Sign on sheets, and all others had a pleasant sail.

Pete explained what the Sea.bin is all about…a vacuum cleaner for the water. Ours is the 23rd one in Sydney Harbour, and the 900th one for the Globe. Hopefully, the world’s oceans will give up the scourge plastic to be recycled into useful objects, and allow the water to retain the fish populations.

After the wonderful switch went on faultlessly, the boats were brought up the ramp, de-rigged and put away with a minimum of fuss.

  • Ted in Dolly Wallis
  • Michael in Alex
  • Peter instructing Heather, Woody and Ralph Newman.
  • Zali opening the SeaBin.
  • Pete checking the Sea-bin operation (from Google)