Today was a great day for more sailor and Charlie’s Chariot Driving Training for our keen volunteers. We started with our usual 10 volunteers, and as boats were rigged, Charlie’s Chariot picked up from the mooring, and left the pontoon, more people arrived to rig more boats, so that we ended up with 20 people all together, but never at MYC  more than 10 at the same time. Jennie was in charge of the day, with Ken our Covid-19 supervisor, and radio operator, Nola helping on the deck with different volunteers as the day progressed. John brought his nephew, Matt,  down for some more sailor training, and we had Devin, Peter and Heather on the water solo, learning more sailor skills. It was good to see Sasha with us again, after many months of clashing shifts, as well as Jim, Warwick, Ragnhild, Denis, Wilma, helping people into life-jackets and ensuring disinfecting them as each was removed and hung to dry in the beautiful sunshine. Ivan and Eli went for a short sail together, Helen was the registrar, Lyn her assistant, Michael went for a practise sail and came back with some ideas for making the boats go faster, then new volunteer Matt was sent out for a closely supervised solo sailor test, so we now have another trained sailor for when our participants are allowed to return. By the time it was time to finish, the first 10 helpers had sailed and left, so there was a remainder of 10 people left to put everything away neatly.

Great team work…..Manly.

  • Covid-19 system
  • Raghnild in Dolly Wallis
  • David in Vin
  • Matt in Alex