Time line: 2020

February: Applications published.

March: Application for 20 First Aid Courses completed and submitted.

Covid-19 lockdown in NSW.

June: Application accepted and funding received.

Grant notified to Manly, Pittwater, Middle Harbour, Rushcutter’s Bay Branches of Sailability NSW open to application.

July: Successful participants advised, First Aid Plus notified, training papers received and distributed. Students worked on papers and completed the written section of the course by 2nd August.

August: First attempt to meet at MYC to complete course was postponed due to Covid-19 Restrictions. Papers were handed in for marking, and 4 scenarios distributed to be filled in by students. Attempts made to arrange Practical Section of First Aid Plus course later in 2020.

October: Finally, Practical section of First Aid Plus course planned in 2 sessions:

11th and 25th October, limit 10 people for each course. These courses were successfully carried out, with all students who attended successful. Unfortunately, due to the lengthy drawn our nature of the course 2 students were unable to finish for various reasons, so that we ended up with 18 successful course attendees.

The end result is Manly: 11 newly trained First Aiders.

  • Pittwater: 5 newly trained First Aiders.
  • Crystal Bay: 2 newly trained First Aiders.

Congratulations to all of these determined students and a HUGE THANK YOU to our teachers: Maz and Gary Troop from First Aid Plus, who worked very conscientiously through all of the course work in spite of the broken up and unusual nature of this course, which we will all remember as completed in the Year of Covid.

  • Gary, the teacher
  • Part of the class
  • The mannequins waiting to be revived.