This was the most perfect morning ever with a fabulous clear blue sky, and a perfect northerly breeze, fluctuating from 5 to 10 knots.

15 of our energetic volunteers gathered at Manly Yacht Club, not all at the same time, so that we had 4 303’s on the water, swapping and sharing skippers, as well as Charlie’s Chariot, with a skipper and observer/photographer. A few family members came down to share space in the 303’s, and we were very happy to have Peter, Dad of Ben, come down for some sailing lessons so that he can take Ben for a sail as soon as possible.

Helen was in charge of the day, with constant reminders of hand sanitising, dunking life-jackets, and wiping surfaces with disinfectant. Wilma proved a great help with this, doing the final dunking of life-jackets, and storing away in the life-jacket trolley.

John brought wife, Kerrie as well as his daughter and grand-daughter who share the house. Denis was busy teaching Peter technical aspects of sailing, before he had his practical session on the water. A few more mornings of practise, and he will become able to take his son sailing. Ken was on the radio, and later went on Charlie’s Chariot as observer/photographer. Crosbie had the best morning he has had in a very long time, using his time on the water to test the boat, as well as take some incredible photos. Ivan, back with his new toy…a pacemaker, had a lovely short spell on the water, testing his new found freedom with a short sail. Jennie came down for a chat, but elected not to sail today, then Michael and Jim took to the water for an extended time sailing solo. Helene and David W were the last to arrive, Helene to go for a sail, and David simply to help us to get everything stored away.

A short discussion after sailing made it clear that all are happy to go on practising in this way until the dreaded virus, Covid 19 allows us to go back to our core business, taking everyone for a sail.

  • Ken giving his Covid 19 speech,
  • Michael in Charlie’s Chariot
  • Ivan and Eli, John and Kerrie
  • An overall view
  • Warwick in Alex
  • Helene in Ralph Newman
  • Photographer, Crosbie taking a photo.