A beautiful day for a sail, and our intrepid volunteers arrived this morning for further training in Covid-19 procedures, and unpacking the boat room with the new storage equipment. It was good to see Wednesday helpers that we had not seen since February, and there were several little discussion groups, paying attention to Social Distancing enjoying the company of good friends, as well as moving equipment out of the boat room to rig 3 boats, then another one, so that 4 of our sailors could enjoy a solo sail. It was good to see Ivan sailing solo again, and Devin, after checking out the new little sail training booklet, putting his new skills into action.

One at a time, the boats returned to the pontoon, were sterilised ready for next time, and stacked away in the prescribed order. All life-jackets used were sterilised and placed in the new storage rack.

It was good to see everything working well. Now all we need to do is wait until we can take our usual participants out in the little boats where it is impossible to manage the social distancing side of our activity.

  • Devin in Dolly Wallis
  • John in Eli D
  • Michael in Vin
  • Ivan in Ralph Newman