What a long time since we sailed last time. Almost 6 months to the day since we sailed at Manly, a small number of members got together to check out the new rules, and our new storage systems in the boat room. As well as these first time rules, it was necessary to go out for a sail in the beautiful morning that felt as if it had been put on just for us.

It was sunny, with a beautiful steady breeze at about 7 knots, just perfect for our purpose. Only 11 people came down, and as the idea was to sail solo, as well as train ourselves in the new systems required by the Covid-19 rules this was adequate for our purposes. Heather and Devin were new volunteers today, so both went on Charlie’s Chariot to check out Manly Cove, and the way we operate. Ivan and Eli are a family, so they were allowed to sail together, while Ken, Helene, Jim, Kristoff, took off solo after working in tandem with lots of hand-sanitiser and disinfectant used to rig up 3 boats. Any life-jacket used was sanitised after use, and the next person just took a clean, dry one. Later, Heather and Devin got took the opportunity to sail solo. Heather has sailed Hansas before, in Perth, while Devin was completely new to the skill. Both had an orientation sail and came back to the pontoon confidently. In the meantime, Helen sat patiently at the registration table and explained the new rules to people as they arrived.

The packing up was not so smooth, lots of practise needed here. With the new storage equipment, we need to stick to the order to put things away, as it will not go back easily unless the rules are followed. These rules will be formalised and a list written and distributed before we sail again, it will save taking everything out and re-doing the task before completing the packing away, and of course, sterilising all handles and handling points as we go.

A good learning experience, to be followed up on Wednesday with the full team.

  • Kristoff taking off in Vin
  • The married duo
  • Devin in Charlie’s Chariot
  • Heather in Woody
  • Ken in Dolly Wallis