What a lovely morning greeted us on arrival at Manly Yacht Club. The sun was dazzling on the water, just a little North Easterly breeze, and lots of boats other than 303’s getting ready for club sailing.

We waited a little while until those ‘other’ boats left, then quickly rigged 5 303’s, and the 2 2.3s as we were expecting both Judith and Alan to go for a sail on such a lovely morning.

Our crew of Sailing Coordinator: Mal, Pontoon Manager, John, Power Boat Driver, Warwick, Observer, Ken, Radio Operator, Tony, Registrar, Helen, Sailors: Ivan, David W, Ben, Scott, Jim, Michael, Vince went for a ‘getting the feel of things’ sail, and then came back to pick up their participants. Wilma was in charge of Life-jackets, Lyn the Time Keeper, extra help on the pontoon; Nikki, Maleea, Nola were always in the right place when needed.

Our eager participants arrived quite early, and the day just swung along smoothly:

  • Bec from Mona Vale with Margaret.
  • Kerrie, Meaghan and Anna from Washington with helper Russell,
  • Karl and Jan from Sargood with Angie,
  • Dionis, Mark, Elinor from Rap’n’Rave
  • Judy from Wandella with Haley
  • Fiona with Hannah
  • Vanessa with Evo
  • Judith in Alan Wood
  • Alan in Clea.

All had an extremely calming sail a most important part of their week.

We had been holding a raffle for a few weeks, raising money to buy a new barbecue as our old one is rusting rapidly.

Thanks to the ultimate in selling teams, which involved around 20 ticket sellers each in their own community, we raised over $750.00 with prizes generously donated by the 16ft Skiff Club.

  • 2 people won $20.00 prizes to be spent at the Skiff Club…. Corey and Nate
  • 2 people won $45.00 vouchers to be spent at the Skiff Club….Mal and Marianne
  • 1 person won a $70.00 voucher: Jackie
  • And one over the top lucky person won $150 dollars to be spent at the Skiff Club: Tony Rouse, one of our Wednesday helpers.

What a successful enterprise.

  • Judith getting into Alan Wood
  • Meaghan and Helper
  • Vince and Bec in Alex
  • Scott and Kerrie in Vin
  • David and Fiona in Alex
  • Michael and Elinor in Eli D