An incredibly beautiful sailing day was held this morning made even more beautiful for a huge number of reasons: the dedicated volunteers who helped our new volunteers to settle in to the work that needs to be done, the day itself, which could only have been improved by a little more breeze, the familiar crowd who came for a sail, and their helpers and family who came to share the day.

John was our exemplary Sailing Coordinator, who shared the job with Jackie, John P and John W on the pontoon, Warwick in charge of Charlie’s Chariot with his mate, Paul to help, and later, Nola. Eli and later Corey on the radio, Time Keeper table.

Sailors: Luke, Brian, Ellis, Peter, David, Denis, Michael.

Life-jackets: Danelle, extra person on the pontoon, Monika, photographer, Nola and Warwick.

We started early with our lovely new group from Fisher Rd, with teacher, Matt. Dylan, Henry, Andy, Aidan and Liam will be joining us regularly on a Monday.

Stephen arrived from Penrith, so we took him for a sail.

Adam, Alistair and Greg came with Greg, younger Greg opting for Charlie’s Chariot as it can accommodate him physically more easily than a 303.

Then Sargood arrived with Mel, Michelina, Trent, Ken, Claire and James with beautiful helper Angie.

As regular as clockwork, the Sunnyfiel team arrived: Luke, Rosa, Libby, Kane and went off for their sail.

A special photography team arrived with BIRDS for some publicity shots of their team and took a while to set up.

Then BIRDS arrived for their monthly socialising and sailing session with wonderful helper, Gaynor: Danielle took off solo across Manly Cove, followed by Carlo, May in Charlie’s Chariot, Patrick, James, Jimmy with the loud voice, Allen, Stuart with the trendy hat, Brad, Denise and Steve.

A little later, Steph arrived with George and his wife.

Thanks, team, you made the day a dream.

  • Paul on CC
  • Matt, Fisher Rd Teacher
  • Corey, observer
  • Our pontoon team hard at work
  • Denis and Dylan from Fisher Rd
  • Greg, comfortable on Charlie’s Chariot
  • Peter and Libby in Dolly Wallis