This morning was a beautiful morning for a sail, and we had lots of keen and eager volunteers to make it easy.

Maleea and Scott are back from their honeymoon, looking well and rested. Hopefully, some photos in next report.

Mal started off in Charlie’s Chariot and quickly handed this job to Ragnhild, with Jim as observer. Sailors Denis, Crosbie, Ivan, Scott, Michael, Vince, David, Helene were kept busy taking participants for a sail, while Nola and Nikki worked on the pontoon.

Helen was the registrar, Wilma the chef as well as helping people into life-jackets, Lyn was the time-keeper, Tony the radio operator. Alan came down for a sail, and was reasonably happy with the seating arrangement, but needs an extra head-rest to ensure comfort.

Our participants today were two new groups: Mona Vale CPA, with Jessika, Charlie and Kate. Tendo brought these 3 people. We knew Jessika and Kate from a long time ago, when they were small girls, and they have grown into beautiful young women. Jessika was very happy with her new seating arrangement. The Stabilo pillow seems to be working well. Kate confidently embarked with none of the anxiety she demonstrated when she was smaller. What fun they both had as they sailed away in boats close to each other so that they could chat and giggle their way across the cove.

The other group is Northside, with Lara. James, Keeran, Tarek, Adrian, Mark, Rhett, had a great time on the water, some of them having a go on a sailing boat as well as Charlie’s Chariot.

Rita brought Judy, who definitely needs a strap to hold the life-jacket down, Danny came with Dave, Sargood brought Scott.

Greg brought Kerrie and Anna, Alex brought Vanessa, Sofan brought Matthew, Ruby brought Rebecca and Helen. Hannah brought Fiona down for her sail, then Kunden arrived with Jackie, Diane and Duncan.

Thanks so much to all of these carers, who took wonderful charge of their people.

  • Alan in Clea
  • Scott and Michael in Ralph Newman
  • James in Alex