Our wonderful Wednesday team arrived early to put out all the boats because we were expecting 10 participants down to sailing by 9.30. Malcolm was our Sailing Coordinator, Tony on radio, Helen the Registrar, Wilma and Ros on Life-jackets, Peter on Charlie’s Chariot with Ken; observer/photographer, Denis, Michael, John P and John W, Ivan, Ellis, new volunteer, Luke, Steve, Ragnhild. Brian was the Pontoon Manager. All in all, a fantastic team. David ad Helene arrived later, in time to replace some of two of the exhausted sailors, and then help with the putting away.

Sailors from Royal Far West with helpers Craig and Jenny arrived early with Harley, Susanna, Noah, Asher, Mahlia, Wesley and Rachel. All went for a wonderfully calming sail while we waited for the rest of the company.

Tamara, Luke and Dave arrived from Sunnyfield, then Scott with helper, Katerina. Michael, Alessandro, Jack, and Lauren arrived with Kris, then Scott from Unisson Pymble arrived. A little later, Audrey, from Achieve brought her crew of Felix, Fowzia, Rishabh. Annalies from Unisson St Ives brought Malcolm, Kath, Ollie, Nancy, Leesa, Elias and Paul. Last to arrive was Zak, from Royal Rehab, with Kel. Zac had a most comfortable sail, and has vowed to come back for more soon.

It was a beautiful day for a sail, and all enjoyed the company, the sailing and the morning tea beofe we put everything away, ship shape and ready for next time.

  • David and Ellis in Alex
  • Our busy pontoon
  • Michel and John in Ralph Newman
  • Brian and Lauren in Black Swan
  • Ragnhild and Zac in Woody
  • Nancy and Steve in Vin