A shortened crew, and fewer participants made for an interesting day today. Just 8 people signed on early in the morning, forcing the decision to start with just 3 303’s, and the 2.3 that Judith sails.

Ken was our photographer, Ragnhild the Support Boat Driver, Helen the registrar, sailors Denis, David and Ivan, Tony on the radio, Nikki minding the pontoon. And that seemed to be that. Later, Michael, Christoff and Emily arrived to swell the numbers and Marc arrived to help put away the equipment at the end of the day.

Luckily, we did not have many people booked in. Judith took off in Alan Wood for a monster of a sail that lasted from 9.30 to after 11.00 a.m. The wind was perfect for her little boat, and she danced around all over Manly Cove in and out of the moored boats, over to Reef Beach, back across the ferry lanes, I am dizzy just thinking about it.

Vanessa arrived with Evo and looked at Denis with admiration for his sailing skills as he gave her the best ride ever. Danny arrived with Dad, David, and went off with Ivan. Michael, David and Christoff rigged another couple of boats when the Sargood group arrived, so Samantha and Chan Hu were able to g with their parents watching proudly from Charlie’s Chariot. Also down for a sail were Meaghan and Kerri from Washington with helper, Rob.

All in all, it turned into an excellent day for a sail and everyone was very happy with the effort.

  • Denis and Vanessa and that gorgeous smile
  • Ivan with David and Danny
  • Meaghan and Michael in Vin
  • Ivan and Samantha in Dolly Wallis