A difficult decision to make this morning, the forecast for strong winds coming up at 9.00 a.m., but at 8.30 there was not a sign that this would happen, so the decision to go ahead was made, with the option to abandon if white caps appeared on the water. As it turned out, it was 11.00 a.m. before the first signs of this happened.

Our wonderful team of volunteers managed to Take 19 people for a sail before the first strong gusts arrived, so it was well worth while putting the boats out this morning. We also managed to practise putting Judith in Alan Wood for a try out of the new equipment and discovery of what we need to do before the seating and switch mechanisms are perfect. The team this morning was limited by illness of some of our personnel, so we can be assured that everyone was working to capacity to make the day a success.

Warwick was the Sailing Coordinator, as well as helping on Charlies Chariot.
Support boat driver: Ken.
Observer and photographer: Nikki.
Sailors: Raghnild, Mal, John, Jennie, Michael, Denis, Ivan, Peter.
Registrar/Lifejackets: Wilma.
Radio: Tony.

Thanks so much to all of these hard-working people.

Slideshow of Raghnild and Kate from Rap’n’Rave in Dolly Wallis, Jennie and Michael in Eli D, Anna and Michael in ING, Raishi and Mal in Dolly Wallis, Denis and Daryl in Alex.

Rap’n’Rave came down with helper: Judy. Michael, Kate and Bob had a nice time on the water.

Anna and Kerri came down from Washigton house with Greg and Alex.

Then Sargood came with Daryl and his family to supervise.

Adonis and Judy came with Elizabeth, then James with Min for his blissful session on the water.

Ollie put in an appearance with his Mum and Dad and had a great sail out there in the rising breeze.

Last of all, our team from Samarpan Inc with Rajni and Sid came for their sail. Unfortunately, because of the rapidly rising breeze, we were forced to cut sailing for this group short: Baishar, Sachin, Hans, Arjun, Harishi, Yabish, Kevan had a short sail, then some of them a quick spin in the Support Boat before it was all put away, ready for another day.