What was memorable about today? First of all, deafening thunder and lightning flashing across the sky for seconds at a time. Then there was the very high tide which ensured that all of the sailors got their feet wet when walking across the ramp hinge. Next was the beautiful blue sky that took over from the thunder and lightning, and the strong breeze that sprang up out of the South, just when we had were about to finish sailing for the day.

Our extraordinary team today consisted of our
Inimical Sailing Coordinator: Malcolm who kept the day wonderfully under control.
We had Ken, then Warwick, then John W in Charlie’s Chariot.
Observer and photographer: Di and Peter.
Warwick then Ken on the pontoon.
Sailors: Brian, John B., Raghnild, Ted, Rob, Warwick, Ivan, John W, Denis, Stephen and Helene.
Time Keeper: Corey.
Radio: Tony
Registrar: Wilma
Life-jackets: Ros.
Pontoon help: John B, Minami, Warwick.

Oh, what a wonderful team.

Slideshow of Minami and Rob in Woody, Adrian and Ted in Alex, Rob and Warren in Woody
also Brian and Gabby in ING.

Lucky people who came for today’s special experience were: Adrian and his family from Brisbane, new sailor, Scott, Warren, Maria and Michael from Unisson French’s Forest with their helper Taryn.

Then Scott, Stephen, Toby Charlie, Margie, from Unisson Pymble with helper, Glen.

Then another group from French’s Forest arrived: Jessica, Anna, Nathaniel with Mitch.

Finally, our lovely group from Ashfield arrived: Adam, Michael, Jack and Gabriella with Joshua to round out a perfect morning’s sailing.