Our fabulous team for today featured Ragnhild in the starring role of Sailing Coordinator;

Support Boat Driver, Mal; observer and photographer, Nikki; new volunteers, Kat, Chuck, Gabe, Diane, Kristoff;

Ken and Tony on the radio; Sailors, Abdullah, Crosbie, Charlie, Ian, Jim, Helene, Denis, Michael.

Help up on deck was provided by Time Keeper, Lyn; Wilma; and helping on the pontoon were; David, Eli, Nola.

Thanks so much to everyone here to help this morning, as our teamwork is amazing and we were able to keep 6 boats moving all morning, then packed up and stored very efficiently.

We welcomed participants from Rap’n’Rave with helper Lynne: Kate, Michael, Rob, Sophie, Gerard, and Jenny. This group is new to us, so it was interesting to see how well they sttled in to this new environment and enjoyed their sail.

Pam brought Judith down for her 50th birthday sail.

Justine brought Hayden down, and he absorbed the atmosphere, having fun wandering around the crowded deck, but decided not to sail this time.

Peter brought Ben for his ride on Charlies Chariot.

Then Sargood arrived with Emma, Sheree, Robert and Dana. What a delight it was to take these 4 people for their holiday sail.

Luis brought Malaika for her sail, which was extremely enjoyable.

Kundan brought Diane and Duncan.

Karen brought Nina. Nina was very unselfish this morning. She decided that Rebecca should sail before her, so she missed her turn, and took the next boat.

Then our main group of the day arrived, a little late, but absolutely excited to be going sailing at Manly, after a long drive from Hornsby. Sophie brought this group, and all enjoyed either a run on Charlie’s Chariot, or a sail on Manly Cove. Chacris, Laura, Jon, Nathan, Liam, Leonie, Mat, Trent, Arjun, Sophie, Anish, Giula, and Rajmani loved their sail, and a pleasant lunch before leaving us ready for the long trip home.

  • Jim and Gerard in Alex
  • Michael and Sophie in Vin
  • Crosbie and Jenny in Eli D
  • Kate and Denis in Woody
  • Jim and Sheree in Alex
  • Nina and Michael in Vin
  • Kristoff and Leonie in Black Swan