What a wonderful Wednesday this was. With just enough cloud to keep it cool, a very slight South Westerly breeze, perfect sailing conditions for Manly Cove, and a wonderful team of helpers and participants in today’s activity.

Helpers Tamara (Sailing Coordinator), Warwick, (Support Boat Driver), Danelle, (Observer and photographer),

Brian, John W, John P., Michael, Ivan, Peter, Kristoff, John, (sailors) organised and rigged 7 boats and we were ready to go, with Wilma as Registrar, Tony on the radio, Corey the Time Keeper, Denis and Ken helping up on deck, Steve, Tony Ragnhild, helping on the pontoon and we were ready for our participants:

First up Jan and Richard from Sargood,, then Rosa, Chrissy, Rodney, Vanessa and Kane from Sunnyfield.

Forestville School, Verne Barnett brought Koby, Mason, Liam, Luka, Jack, Aria, Scarlet, Adam, Joseph, Max, Stephen, with helpers Laura and Yasmina.

Scott arrived with Oscar, then Elias, better known as Batman, arrived with Oliver, Jamie, John, Geoffrey, Malcolm and Cath. What a whale of a sail they had, keeping us busy until the afternoon put away time. If only all sailing days were like this one.

  • Ivan with Kristoff in Black Swan
  • Mason and Charmaine on Charlie’s Chariot
  • Rosa and John W in Ralph Neman
  • Richard and Jon B in Woody
  • Scarlett with John P in Alex
  • John B and Joseph in Woody