Our fantastic team turned out early this morning to put boats out for the 4 groups on the list. It was a perfectly beautiful day with light and very variable winds, making it difficult to steer a direct course.

Tamara was the Sailing Coordinator, Ken the Support Boat Driver, Ted the observer and photographer, Helen the registrar, Wilma the life-jacket lady, Tony on the radio, Corey the Time Keeper. Sailors were: Jim, Peter, John, Helene, Ragnhild, Denis, John B, Warwick, Helene and David. Michael was Pontoon Manager, with help from Donelle and Euan. Ted took a turn sailing after his stint on Charlie’s Chariot. Malcolm did a magnificent job getting all boats and rigged before his time to leave at 9.30.

We welcomed Seayn, Zavier, Zeb, Boaz and Savannah from various country towns. These children are staying at Royal Far West while taking a break from their small country town. All were very eager to start their sail, so the boats were filled and left the pontoon very quickly.

Zoe, Mikey, Rex, Riley and Margaux arrived next, from Arranounbai School. All had a delightfully long sail, while we waited for our next group. Scott arrived on the pontoon just as these children were unloading, so he had very little waiting time. Then David arrived with Dad, so it was a quick change over…David into a sailing boat, Dad into Charlie’s Chariot. Last of all was Toby, who came with his mate, Matt from Unisson Pymble.

There was time then, for volunteers to have a training time before needing to put the boats away.

  • Ivan and Seayn from Wagga in Black Swan.
  • John B and Savannah in  Eli D
  • Warwick and Riley in Ralph Newman.
  • David and Ted
  • David G and Toby in Alex