Every year, Camp Lionheart is a stand out day in our program because that is the day that we welcome the children from Westmead Hospital Outpatients to commence their weekend camp at Narrabeen. Today was an outstanding day for the children, their staff, and the volunteers at Sailability. The weather was perfect, not too much wind, not too little. Thirteen children took advantage of the opportunity to go for a sail. Our volunteers started the day early by rigging the boats, and getting everything ready on the deck. While we were waiting for the Campers, we took Ben, Kerri, Anna, Judy for a sail, and gave a trial run to Michelle, our new volunteer. Michelle was given her sailing trial, and then sent out with her first participant sailor.

At this stage the Telford bus pulled up in our parking area and we welcomed: Jordan, Cameron, Cadan, Amena, Jordan, Ryley, Elaina, Annabelle, Reda, Ahmad, Hannah, Kiarnhi, and Wesley to our sailing area. What beautiful smiles and happy faces greeted us. As soon as we could get the correctly fitted life-jackets on the children, they were taken down to the pontoon, were lifted or climbed into the boats and were away for their first experience of sailing. All came back with a huge grin of thank you, then sat in their groups on the deck for morning tea and a chat before they were driven off to their next adventure. Thanks so much to their staff for organising this so well; Louise, Tina, Jason, Meagan and Jenny.

After the children left, Danny, Makina and Nina, (channelling Elsa from Frozen) came for their sail. Danny was incredibly brave today…starting with a ride on Charlie’s Chariot, and finishing with a sail with John. Makina chose her favourite colour, pink, and loved her sailing, and Nina couldn’t wipe the smile from her face while she was in the boat.

Our team for today was:

  • Sailing Coordinator Extraordinaire: Warwick. (and unsurpassed chef)
  • Pontoon Manager without peer: Nikki.
  • Remarkable Radio Operator: Tony.
  • Time Keeper Fantastic: Lyn.
  • Life-jacket Manager: Wilma.
  • Sailors: Denis, David, John, Jim, Ivan, Jackie, Michael, Michelle.
  • Tony and Ollie helped on the pontoon.
  • Support Boat Drivers: Vince, Mal.
  • Photographer: Ken.
  • Nola was everywhere…on the pontoon, on the deck rigging, helping with life-jackets, then rushing off to an appointment afterwards.
  • Alan came down to socialise.

Thanks, all, it all worked out a memorable day for us and all of the participants.

  • Hannah
  • Ahmad
  • Hannah and Ahmed
  • Wesley
  • Elaina