Could anything be better than today’s sailing? Manly experienced the perfect sailing day, with Northerly breezes and perfect temperatures. This brought many sailors down to our venue, including the following helpers:

Sailing Coordinator: Eli. Fabulous Pontoon Manager: Brian. Exemplary Power Boat Driver: John W, Observer: Corey, practising Driver: Ragnhild, Registrar: Helen, Life-jackets: Wilma, Radio and Time Keeper: Ken. Our sailors this morning were: John P., Sasha, Malcolm, Michael, Ivan, Jennie, Helene, Denis. Helping up on the deck was Steve, and on the pontoon Alan, Tony and Ewan. A really great team to handle the large volume of participant sailors who came down to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Because of the numbers, we were determined to cut the waiting time on the pontoon, so we had extra quick change overs. Ken remarked that with seven boats out, there were only seconds between swapping sailors, so that there were several 30 second intervals when seven dinghies came in, exchanged participants, then went off with hardly a change in rhythm. A truly amazing sight.

Our lovely participants this morning came from: Royal Far West, with carers Craig and Jenny: Charlotte, Richard, Neil, Chloe, Hayley, Vanessa, Olivia, Harley, Greg and Aaron. Most of these children are from drought ridden areas of NSW, looking for some quiet time and treatment near unlimited views of the water.

Dee Why Special Class was next with helper Carmel: Isaac (in a boot) Arianna, Riley, Jed, Jade, Mia, Sienna, Charles, Jekobi, Soraya, Dolkar, Oliver, Nkaloos, James and Malachi. What a delightful and patient this group of children turned out to be, cheerfully waiting their turn, playing games, and enjoying the sunshine.

Scott was next, then David with his Dad, Richard.

Sunnyfield also were patiently waiting, Rodney, Ginny, Vanessa on Charlie’s Chariot, Krissy in a sailing boat.

Steph from BeeCosWeCare brought Chelsea and Jack.

Then Sargood arrived with Seb, bringing Darryl and David.

Helene took Ling Ling for a quiet sailing time.

Last of all, Unisson Pymble rolled up, with carer, Matthew. It was a delight to see Toby, Steven and Mark confidently getting into the sailing dinghies, each in their own idiosyncratic way.

A gorgeous day, an exemplary group of carers and volunteers, and a fabulous participant group…..every day should be like this one.

  • Getting ready to sail
  • Some of our hard workers
  • Michael and Harley in Ralph Newman
  • Malcolm and Nkaloos in Alex
  • Charlotte and Jennie in Black Swan