Finally, after many days of very strong Westerlies, occasional rain, and very cold temperatures, we got a day that talked about Sailability….blue skies, a gentle 6 to 10 knot breeze, and warm sunshine.

The Sailability crew got right down to it when we arrived at Manly Yacht Club, setting up the boats, organising morning tea, and arranging chairs for the waiting crew.

In charge of the morning was John W., with Pontoon Manager John P, Charlie’s Chariot Driver Warwick with offsiders Brian, Corey and Jennie, and so the day started.

Sailors: Ivan, Peter, Denis, Ted, Michael, Ragnhild, Malcolm, Helene were soon set up into the 303’s, and we were on our way with students from Arranounbai School. We had some wonderful ancillary help too, from Wilma, the Registrar, Tony on Radio, Alan on Life-jackets, David putting in the new radio cover on Charlie’s Chariot, John W doubling up as Time Keeper, Tom, a new volunteer, learning his job as helper on the pontoon, Steve helping wherever he saw the need. A picture of teamwork.

The group from Arranounbai were: Riley, Rex, Zoe and Mikey. All had a relaxing sail in the rapidly dropping wind,

With teachers Katherine, Alison and Deb keeping an eye on them from the deck.

New sailor, Abdullah arrived to try out the 303 for the first time. He took to it like a duck to water, and will take one out solo next time he comes down. Scott came down with his helper, Oscar, and spent a good package of time on the water, then David and Richard arrived….David to sail, and Richard to keep a watchful eye from Charlie’s Chariot.

Vanessa, Rodney, Ginny, Luke came from Sunnyfield with Mele, Vicky and Hisao.

Then Elias, Nancy, Kath, Oliver, Leesa, John and Annabelle came down from Unisson St Ives with helpers Andrew, Corrie, Emma and Andrew. It was great to see John, Elias and Leesa embark onto a 303, and good to see Oliver, Kath, and Annabelle pluck up the courage to climb onto Charlie’s Chariot.

Last of all, Kris, Nat and Young swept in from Ashfield to take Adam, Michael, Andre, Alessandro and Gus for a sail. Unfortunately, we found that Alessandro has become too large to squeeze himself into a 303, so he sat on deck and watched proceedings.

  • Corey on observer duty
  • Riley and Michael in Vin
  • Zoe and Ragnhild in Ralph Newman
  • Denis and Rex in Woody
  • Scott and Ted in Eli D
  • David and Michael in Vin