This was the sort of day we could use every Sailability Day, clear skies, clean water, beautiful volunteers, and willing sailors.

Crew for todays event was:

Sailing Coordinator: John P

Pontoon Manager, Peter, then Ken.

Charlies Chariot Driver, Warwick.

Observer; Ragnhild.

Registrar: Helen.

Life-jackets: Wilma and Ros.

Sailors: John W, Denis, Abdullah, Jennie, Peter, Ivan, Ted, David W and David G, Helene.

Brand new and sparkling volunteer: Allison.

Returning Volunteer after a long absence: John B

Extra help on the deck: Kath.

Radio and Time-keeper: Corey.

A truly great team, working in unison all the way.

Our participants today came from Royal Far West: Carers Craig and Jenny brought Calen, Finn, Enna, Katelyn, Logan, Kylee, Tyson. All went for a sail, and some also had a ride on Charlie’s Chariot.

Yuta brought Scott, who is perfecting his backward walking, and absolutely enjoys his sailing.

Barbara, Amber and Annie from Sunnyfield brought Tamara, Krissy, Rosa, Vanessa and Kane. What a great sail Vanessa had, with one hand trailing in the water and a huge smile on her face the whole time.

Sargoods Jacob brought Joshua for a wonderful experience on the water.

Last of all, Kris came from AFFORD with Jack and Michael.

A perfectly nice day for a nice experience for all.