What a fantastic morning we chose for our Training Day this year. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the wind was howling in from the West, making it an impossible day to have a sailing session for our participants with a disability.

So, it was all of the Volunteers, upstairs in the comfortable hall, having sessions on Volunteering in general, led by Warwick, when he talked about the volunteers we already have, the new ones that come in on a regular basis, the importance of submitting their names for the roster, then turning up on the right days, the rights and responsibilities of the volunteers, the Working With Children checks, which are compulsory for all of our volunteers, and the responsibilities of Sailability Manly to our volunteers. This was a very inspiring talk, and greatly appreciated by all.

Risk Management, led by Ken, was next, again, a very interesting discussion, and of great interest to our Volunteering Group.

Eli followed with a couple of the Training videos that are available on the web, encouraging the new volunteers to take over some of the roles that are outlined. Also, showing that our procedures are easy to follow, and ensure safety for both our sailors, and the volunteers who take them out sailing.

A short morning tea break followed, then the large group was broken into 4 smaller groups.   The first of these, compiled of people who want more practice in Support Boat Management took off in Charlies Chariot for the sheltered area near Reef Beach for some drills, with John in charge.

The remainder was divided into 3 groups.

One for Pontoon Management Training. David was in charge of this one, which concentrated on skills needed on the Pontoon: Hoisting, inserting keels and rudders, launching boat safely, and retrieving. A very busy session, thanks David.

The second was for work on the deck, including Radio Management, the chef, the registrar, the Sailing Coordinator, and putting away at the end of the day. This was popular choice as it included a game, was sheltered from the strong winds, and had lots of variety in it. Thank you so much, Warwick

The third was instruction in rigging, which was extremely difficult and tiring in the strong breeze which at times reached 43 knots. Thank you, Denis for persevering, and showing the volunteers what to do in very difficult circumstances.

These three groups rotated, so that everyone had instruction in all three of these activities.

In the meantime, Britta, Helen and Wilma were upstairs preparing a most delicious hot lunch for the very weary new and experienced volunteers as they returned upstairs.

A most exciting interlude happened in the middle of the day, when three of the students from UTS in Sydney arrived to take part in some interviews with some of our volunteers and Judith. This is for the project they have taken on for their final assessments on Sailability NSW. Judith was involved because she is one of our very experienced sailors who uses a servo 2.3 whenever the weather is suitable on a Saturday.

People involved in todays events were:

Leaders: Warwick, Ken, Eli, David W, John, Denis.

Food preparation: Helen, Wilma, Britta.

Participants: Tony J, Maleea, Scott, Ragnhild, Tony R, Ivan, Ted, Brian, Olly, Nola, Maddy, Tom, Tamara, Helene, Nikki, Charlie, David G.

Now we are all set for the weather to settle down, so that we can run 5 sailing days each month for the resat of Spring, Summer and Autumn.

  • Listening in the hall.
  • David’s group on the pontoon.
  • Warwick’s group in a sheltered spot.
  • John’s group in Charlies Chariot.
  • Denis’s group concentrating on the rigging process.
  • David, practising being hoisted.