This was probably the warmest day so far in Winter, but unfortunately the wind was a little less than we would have needed. Our fabulous Monday team arrived at Manly Yacht Club to set up the boats, as we were expecting 3 groups. Ivan, Alan, Corey, Ken, Wilma, Tony, Warwick, Nola, Helen, Ragnhild, John W and John P, Brian, Marc, Jim, Jackie, Michael, Jennie and Eli all worked as a team to get out and rig 6 303’s, go over and pick up Charlie;s Chariot, get out the radio and morning tea. We decided to leave the tents inside as it was very pleasant to sit out in the sun today.

Ken and Warwick were Charlie’s Chariot drivers, Nola was the photographer, Jackie a Sailing Coordinator without parallel, John W a most caring Pontoon Manager. Sailors John P, Ragnhild, Brian, Jim, John P, Michael, and jennie kept things moving on the water so that all had a great time.

New students from Fisher Rd had the learning experience of their life when they went off, Gwyneth, James and Connor are new, while Eddie has been with us before.

Danielle from BIRDS had a nice solo sail as is her usual, while Steve, Alan, James, Brad, May and Patrick went with a partner. Carlo, and Stuart elected to not sail, just enjoy the scenery and warm air, and I am sure the lunch that followed.

A great day for our memory boxes.

  • Ragnhild and James in Ralph Newman
  • Eddie and Jennie in Dolly Wallis
  • Our new photographer, Nola in Charlie’s Chariot
  • Michael and Patrick in Woody
  • Our busy pontoon