What a great team of volunteers turned up today on a beautiful sunny & great breeze for sailing day. Six boats were rigged & in the water by 9.15am. Eli gave us all the usual quick run down on the various groups etc that we were expecting before herself, Ivon & Helen Hendry had to leave to attend a funeral of a past member of Manly Sailability.

Before any groups arrived we had time for Dennis to take out Alan [ new volunteer ] & Ragnhild to take out Nola for an introduction sail. I am told that both Alan & Nola enjoyed the experience very much & will be back for more volunteering at Manly.

Volunteers took the various jobs for today:

  • Sailing Day Co-ordinator – Ken Boyes.
  • Radio Operator – Tony Jones.
  • Time keeper – Corey Nicholson.
  • Sailors – Ted Talbot , Dennis Linney, Ragnhild Percell, Jim Gale, Michael Burnett & Peter Ward.
  • Pontoon Duties – John Weaver, David Goldner, David Webb, Jennie Fogarty [also observer on C. C.].
  • Charlie’s Chariot – Warwick McKenzie, Brian Stitt.
  • Photographer – Ruby Muggridge (great photos today, Ruby!!).
  • Wilma Johnson – Our wonderful volunteer who keeps us supplied with tea / coffee / biscuits & cakes & also took over from Helen Hendry collecting the money from our participants.
  • Life Jackets – Helene Francois & Tamara Muggridge.
  • New Volunteers – Alan Howes, Nola Borgelt had a great practise sail & then helped on various jobs.

Sailing was beautiful today, great breeze & all participants really enjoyed themselves along with rides in C. C. for those who preferred to enjoy time on the water in a motor boat.

The very lucky people who came down today had a wonderful sail:

  • David, Anthony and Richard. The Giles family, Scott, Yula.
  • From Sunnyfield: Anna, Rosa, Alex, David, Emily, Ginny.
  • From Becoswecare: Jack and Chelsea.
  • From Unisson Fr. Forest; Judy, Adrian.
  • From Unisson St Ives: Sifa, Mahina, Brodie, Dominique, Rodney, Matthew, Kath, John, Leesa, Ollie, Nancy & Elias.

Packing up after sailing was completed in a fashionable manner.

Then approx. 12 volunteers went next door to the Manly Skiff Club to talk & lunch with Caroline Holdstock who will soon return to England to look after her sick brother. We all wish her well.

Pictures by Ruby Muggridge:

  • Ted and Anthony in BS
  • Tamara and Ruby in CC
  • David and Peter in Dolly Wallis,
  • Our gorgeous sails
  • David and Ragnhlid in Ralph Newman
  • Putting away at the end of the day.