Our fabulous helpers arrived early this morning to get everything set up for a lively day’s sailing. Nothing turned out the way we planned, but that wasn’t a deterrent, as we have a support boat that can move through the water on a windless day, so some people got a turn being towed around in the boats, others rode in style and checked out the continually changing wild life to be found in Manly Cove.

Brian was the Sailing Coordinator, Helen the registrar, Peter the Charlie’s Chariot Driver, and Ken, then John the observer. Corey was the Time-keeper and Tony the Radio Operator. Life-jackets were organised by Tamara. Sailors Ted, Michael, Rob, Jim, Ivan kept the boats moving on the water either by paddle, sail or towing, and lots of people enjoyed the ride on Charlies Chariot. A great team for our participants from the community; Scott and David, then from Sunnyfield Allambie, Peter, Ginny, Krissy, Tamara, Anna from Unisson St Ives,

then Kath, Oliver, John, Nancy, Elias (Batman), Paul, then Margie, Brendon, James, Charley from Pymble Unisson.

A great day made better by our willing helpers and carers.

  • Ivan and David in Dolly Wallis
  • Scott enjoying Charlie’s Chariot.
  • Peter from Sunnyfield
  • Tamara and Malcolm in Vin
  • Michael and Batman in Black Swan
  • James, Kath and Margie
  • Paul and Charlie
  • The seal that came to visit. Enjoyed the day with a big smile on its face.