We made a late start this morning, mainly because we are getting close to the shortest day of the year, dark until 7.15, and completely overcast by the fog that was closing the harbour. On top of this, it was the June long-weekend, and several of our volunteers were on a short break. In spite of this, our regulars:

Tony, Denis, Michael, Ken, Ivan, Vince, Olly, Jackie, Eli, Elan and Jim came to help any sailors who turned up have a gorgeous day.

Jobs were shared and interchanged as the day demanded, enabling Danny and David, Daniel, Vanessa, Kerrie, Anna, Judy, Adonis, Bec and Judith to have a long, calming sail around Manly Cove. We were very happy to meet one of the new volunteers, Nola, who will be making decisions about when she is able to help.

It also helped to brighten up the appearance of Manly Cove when our brightly coloured little Hansas took over the waterway of Manly Cove.

  • Ivan, Danny, Dave in Ralph Newman
  • Vince, Kerry in Vin
  • Ollie, Michael in Black Swan
  • Brightening Manly Cove
  • Judith concentrating in Alan Wood.