This morning, our list of volunteers was a little shorter than usual, so everyone was kept on their collective toes the whole morning, filling in various positions, and helping others where necessary. Thank you so much for this very concentrated team effort:

Sailing Coordinator, Jenny.

Pontoon Manager, Jackie

Radio, Tony.

Time keeper, Kath

Sailors, John P, Ragnhild, Denis, Jim, Brian

Charlie’s Chariot: Warwick, Ken.

Registrar and Life-jackets, Helen.

Benefitting from our sailing day today, and having lots of fun in the rising beeze were Kane, Adonis, Rodney, Ben, Emily, Luke and Libby. Later, the BIRDS arrived: Catherine, Steve, James, Dianne, Allan S and Allan G, Carlo, Danielle, Patrick, May, Stuart, Peter, Bradley. Not all sailed, as the breeze was turning into a strong southerly blow with icy winds. It was much nicer to sit in the sun and watch the action. But everyone had a lovely social time. Photos from our excellent photographer, John, just after sailing finished show a large bird, species not known, finding a fish underwater, diving down, and emerging from the waves with the fish in its beak. The fish went down in one swallow, bones, fins, scales and all.

  • Brian and Rodney in Black Swan
  • Luke and Ragnhild in Eli D
  • Jim and Adonis in Vin
  • Denis and Steve in Ralph Newman