(Otherwise known as End of Season Regatta)

We had the sunshine but not the wind for our competitive day of sailing. Some very serious tactics, examination of rules and bucket loads of concentration featured during the morning. The light breeze kept shifting so that all three races had different courses. This was more challenging for some than for others. Jennie was heard to say, as she and Judy rounded the mark ahead of the fleet, “Where do we go now?”. Confusion was also evident on the first race, when the lead boats evidently did not understand that the start boat was the bottom mark! Oh dear! If this was the Americas Cup the media would have had a field day!

So there was enough controversy and competition for Manly Sailability to think it was a big day! What a load of fun!

The competitors were Denis and Ivan, Jennie and Judy, Ragnhild and Ollie, David and Tony, Michael and Ros, Warwick and Annie, Ian and Andonis, and Judith.

The big thank you goes to the race starters Pam and Bruce, the safety and rescue crew with Nikki on the helm, and the regatta coordinator, Ken. That’s Crosbie, putting down the mark. Great work from all to make it happen.

And of course at the end of the day, there was a most delicious lunch prepared by good fairies! It was devoured by the hungry sailors and the support crew.

The results. 1st place: Jennie and Judy, 2nd place, Ian and Adonis, 3rd place; Denis and Ivan.

  • Rigging the 303s
  • The briefing prior to racing- including explanation of marks!
  • Bruce on the start boat
  • Laying the start line
  • “Is this the mark?”
  • Great to see such enjoyment, Judith
  • Denis and Ivan – a penny for their thoughts