Today was the perfect weather for our 303’s. The breeze, a very gentle 5 to 7 knots just past the ferry lane, a lovely group of volunteers to prepare and sail them, and best of all, some very keen sailors to sail in them.

Jacob, Taylor and Samuel, came over from the Royal Far West School, then Jack came down with Steph from Becos We Care. Kane, Vanessa, Rebecca, Ginny and Rodney came down from Sunnyfield, then Ash, Des, Adrian, Derek arrived from Unisson French’s Forest. Last of all, Paul, John, Nancy, Elias and Leesa arrived from Unisson St Ives. There was a great atmosphere of group helpers chatting to each other while the participants were out on the water, swapping experiences and hints, and lots of stories being shared.

Volunteers for this morning were: Jennie, Helen, Wilma, John, Ted, Ivan, Eli, Ragnhild, Olly, Sasha, Malcolm, Ken, Michael and Brian. A smallish but very efficient team who shared jobs, and provided a beautiful morning on the water for our participants.

This morning, we discovered that a new sign had been placed at the entrance to East Esplanade Park designed to stop people from Parking in the park. We are in the process of negotiating for our parking to be restored on the blocks that were built for us many years ago. In the meantime, 3 groups missed out on their sailing today because the signage was not clear that this area is available for unloading and loading the vans that bring our participants. We will clarify this situation with Northern Beaches Council before our next Sailability session and The groups will be notified of any new procedures necessary.

Slideshow of:

  • Denis and Taylor in Woody
  • Ragnhild and Jacob in Black Swan
  • Ivan and Kane in Dolly Wallis
  • Jennie and Jack in Ralph Newman
  • Ashley is driving Vin with Michael
  • Paul with Denis in Woody