This was one of those, a strong Westerly breeze that only became stronger, and wilder and woollier throughout the morning, and lots of eager people who had come to Manly to enjoy the gusty Autumn Day.

Early in the morning, we set up the 303’s and waited for the breeze to ease. But ease it did not, so we decided to use Charlie’s Chariot as a pleasure cruiser and take people for a ride. This proved the most fun ever for Danny and David, then Anna from Washington, James, Judy and Adonis, our new sailor, Bill. Then next to arrive; Scott and James, Cath, Blaney, Will, Kathy and Rebecca from Rap’nRave. Last to arrive were Cassie, Ricky, Jonathon, Archie, Bianca, Pom and Eimear from Creativity Inc.

This was all handled very patiently and calmly by our Support Boat Drivers, Warwick and John.

Thanks so much to all of the helpers up on deck, who put the sailing boats out, and out them away again, made a barbecue, served tea and coffee, and looked after things under the watchful eye of wonderful Sailing Coordinator, Ragnhild. A day for a different activity, definitely on the water, and most definitely lots of fun.