White Rabbits before midday is a sign of good luck, and today our luck was almost perfect as we were blessed with a beautiful day, not too much sunshine, but not quite enough breeze.

Seth, Grace, Trevor, Yuri, Kokari and Miriam were the lucky students in Craig and Jenny’s class today. They all had an exciting, leisurely sail before returning to the pontoon because our Arranounbai students were ready for their turn.

Mikey, Rex, Margaux, Riley and Zoe were able to spend lots of time on the water. This was very lucky because the breeze had dropped to nothing, so lots of time was spent with paddles and hands in the water to make the boats go.

Scott arrived next, with Tristan. Then after quite a long interval Kris arrived with Jack, Michael, Adam and Alistair, all of whom had a slow sail. Then the wind came up so that Elias, John, Leesa, from Unisson St Ives could have a sail, while their friends Kath, Nancy and Paul watched from the shore, or had a ride on Charlie’s Chariot.

Last to arrive was Shannon, from Choose and Connect, who was our last sailor for the day.

All of this was made possible because our fabulous team of volunteers, under the extraordinary leadership of Sailing Coordinator, Tamara, arrived early to put the boats out, and continued working into the afternoon ensuring that everyone that wanted had a sail.

Sailors today were: John, Warwick, Ivan, Steve, Olly, Jennie, Ragnhild, Michael, Helene, Denis.

Support Boat Driver Peter kept everything moving, with observer and photographer, Ken on board for supervising and towing duties. Thanks so much, Ken, for these beautiful photos.

Tony was the radio operator, Helen the registrar, Wilma managing Life Jackets, Malcolm on the pontoon with Kath and David, Ros helped up on deck, getting people ready, and making sure the next person was always ready to go at the right time. Thanks, everyone for making this a stupendous day.