On Friday, 3rd May our competitive sailors loaded Black Swan and Woody onto the trailer which was driven up to Crystal Bay ready for the State Championships due to commence on Saturday morning with the Singles competition for 2.3 and 303. Michael was competing in this race in Black Swan and managed an overall second in this race.

In the afternoon, it was time for 303 doubles, with Denis and Ivan competing in Woody, Michael and Ken in Black Swan. It was a small but extremely competitive fleet, with 5 303’s, 2 Liberties and 2 SCUDS.

The weather forecast for Sunday but all competitors turned up on time for the racing. This time, the morning was taken up by the 9 boats which had taken part on Saturday afternoon, resulting in some brisk racing.

Unfortunately, afternoon racing was cancelled, due to very strong winds and rain.

Woody ended up with a second place with Skipper Denis and Crew Ivan in the doubles.

Michael finished up with his second place in Black Swan.

The boats were transported back home on Sunday afternoon, and the trailer put safely back at Cromer Golf Club. Thanks so much to travel crew, Pater, Denis and Warwick for this journey.