This morning early the weather was quite autumnal, but by mid-morning, we were back to the late summer days we are experiencing lately. The wind virtually dropped off to a steady 5 knot breeze, and everything was perfect to start the day. All we needed was sailors.

Our fabulous but shortened team consisted of:

Sailing Coordinator: Ted.

Pontoon Manager: Mal.

Sailors Ragnhild, John, Michael, Denis, Peter.

Support Boat Crew: Warwick, Jackie.

Deck Crew Helen and Eli.

All purpose busy person running around on the pontoon and deck: Ken

Before the day got going, Michael and Michael went out for a practice sail, readying themselves for the following weekend’s State Championships.

After this, this small team managed to take:

Kane, Emily, Rodney, Ben, Luke, Adonis, and Libby, from KARBELL who came with helpers Annie, Amber and Nathan.

As well as:

Steve, Patrick, Jimmy, Alan S and Alan G, Peter, Linda, Stuart, Denise, and May for a sail or a ride in Charlie’s Chariot and helpers Gaynor, Wendy and John.

It was a really lovely morning sail with sightings of dolphins on the other side of the bay, and everyone enjoying their time on the water. We were almost finished with sailing when Malcolm experienced some back twinges, so went home. Miraculously out of nowhere, help arrived in the form of Neal, who helped us to put the boats away.