This morning was a wonderful gathering of volunteers to make a perfect day for our participants.

New volunteers and Duke of Edinburgh students gathered for their last day of sailing, or for their first day in the case of Elan from Oxford Falls Grammar School.

Ollie is learning his tasks as a fully fledged volunteer. We were very impressed by his level of concentration

Ella, and Claire continued with their routine of coming down even though their official hours are finished, Maddy is well on her way, and Marcus had his last day of his official hours. It all makes for a very “Youth Approach” to our group, which benefits hugely from this arrangement.

Apart from these, we had Helen taking registrations, Wilma on Life-jackets, Lyn on Charlie’s Chariot with the camera. Jackson and Erek were also on duty from early in the morning, until they needed to go to an appointment elsewhere.

Tony was our Radio Operator, Jackie helped up on deck to make sure that everything flowed smoothly.

Ken was our Sailing coordinator, Scott and Maleea sharing the driving on Charlie’s Chariot. David W was the Pontoon manager, aided by Nicky, Helen, David G. Peter brought his grandson, Ben down for a sail, and they ended up having a ride on Charlie’s Chariot as well.

Jasmin and Laurie borrowed a Stand Up Paddle Board and went around the Cove with a fishing net, picking up all the floating rubbish.

Sailors: Mal, Ragnhild, Ivan, David W, Denis, Michael took a selection of volunteers, then, as the participants arrived, took Daniel, Scott, Kerrie, Anna, Rebecca, Judy, Adonis, James and Shelby for a prolonged sail.

Judith arrived and took Alan Wood out for a spin. There was an intermittent fault in the switch, but this did not faze her at all, she bobbed around with her hand in the air until she was noticed, and brought home. He fault seems to have disappeared, so we will do further tests, and clean up all the connectors to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

At the end of the morning, we had a visit from Molly, who wants to learn to sail so that she can take her friend Georgia out sailing. Ian took her out for her first time on a sailing boat. This morning, because it was Georgia’s first time on a sailing boat, her Dad took her out and ironed out some very minor problems with her seating. It was a thrilling moment when everything worked like clockwork, and Georgia and Molly sailed side by side. What a smile on Dad’s face. We will be doing this again, something tells me.