What a fabulous day Sailability Middle Harbour put on just for fun to celebrate another year of Sailability in NSW.

5 branches were represented at the President’s Cup, with the President, John Price, and visitors from Gosford, Dobroyd, Kogarah Bay, with boats by Middle Harbour and Manly. No boats were transported by road, and everyone who arrived from outside of the area had a boat to use. What great teamwork was used to make this happen.

Many thanks to Middle Harbour Yacht Club and David Staley. There were 3 races in total, with 13 boats included in the racing; 3 sailed by one person, 10 sailed by 2 people, and all included as one class. The weather was magnificent, with water stirred up by the many boats using Middle Harbour as a race track, making large waves on the surface. Impossible to remain dry in the 303’s. The race was not about winning, just participating to the best of the ability of the people involved in the racing. This made for very exciting sailing for people who wanted to compete seriously, and a fun race for those who were determined to sail on the day. Among the new sailors were Jan from Dobroyd, as well as many who have been overseas competing in Hiroshima and Abu Dhabi making the race a very exciting one for all involved.

8 boats were transported over from Manly, 5 from Middle Harbour. The parking worked well thanks to some very hard work from Middle Harbour, organised through Mosman council. A hundred thanks to all concerned, some very hard working ladies from Sailability Middle Harbour who provided a wonderful lunch, Sally, Graham, J.T. and David from Middle Harbour who managed the organisation, , the people in the support boats who buzzed in and out giving information about the course to the sailors who have not sailed in Middle Harbour before, and the crew from Manly who brought the boats over, stayed for the sailing, and then took off back to Manly at the end of the day.