What a great day greeted us this morning. A slight lack of breeze was the only thing that slowed us down, as the groups all turned up on time, ready and eager for a sail, after a few weeks of really bad weather.

Royal Far West only brought two people, Tyler and Jenae. Both went off for a sail, and when Jenae returned she asked for a run on the Support Boat.

Bub arrived next and went off for her run around Manly Cove, then Scott with the super smile, and lovely fashion of embarking backwards, the swivelling forward. He has certainly learned a lot in just a few short goes at Sailability.

Hannah, Archie, Isabella and Kai came down from Arranounbai with their teacher and helpers. It is great to see the enjoyment these young children with complex needs gain, just from being comfortably on the water, away from the wheelchair and free to feel the fresh air.

Andrew from Unisson St Ives brought Nancy, Kath, John, Oliver, Leesa who sailed, and Con, Craig, Geoff and Jamie who elected not to sail, just enjoy the company and the fresh air.

Kel from Royal Rehab brought a new participant, Janice. She was absolutely rapt as she enjoyed the feel of the joy-stick, the wind in her hair, the sun on her face and will definitely be back for more.

Last group to arrive was Unisson Pymble. Catherine brought Scott, Michael, Charley and Margie. What a great finish to a very busy day.

Helpers who arrive to make all of these wonderful things happen were:

Sailing Coordinator: Warwick

Support Boat Driver: Brian

Observer: Corey

Registrar: Helen

Life-jackets: Wilma

Radio: Tony

Time keeper: John W and Ken

Pontoon Manager: Malcolm

Sailors: Olly, John P., Peter, Michael, Denis, Raghnild,

Extra helpers all over the place, David, Ros

Almost the best team ever, and the packing up and putting away an absolute dream.